Monday, October 26, 2009

On Being Busy, Having An Autumnal Blast, and Totally NOT Blogging About It

A dear friend* let me know this weekend, in not so many words, that I am not so good at keeping up with this here blog.  Well, I guess it was exactly that many words.  So, fiiiiiiiiine... that may be true, but as I said to her and I will repeat here- Um..Hello!?!?  TWO!!!! As in, 2 years old- and also- SERIOUSLY- Twooooooooo... and then you multiply that by a mobile BOY, carry the 8, add potty training, divide by the square root of squirming diaper changes and you get...Gaaaaahhhh! I need a drink.

So here it is- as I promised the lame photo montage brilliantly crafted update to recap the, I dunno, 3 months or so.  You're welcome.

I like to call the above: "Family portrait by an old-ass-rusty tractor" OR "How we Demers like to pick us some apples"

This one is entitled: "A beautiful family celebration of the day my little angel turned from sugar sweet to time-sucking, needy yet somehow simultaneously totally independent, OMG.It's.MIIIINNNNEEEEEEE... ahem, Two."

Simply: "Punkinz- at the patch, natch."

Title: "Babies need mittens on freezing days in the mountains"
-I guess this is more a note to self than a title, but it turns out that this is an important little detail to remember when packing for a fall weekend getaway. To the mountains. When it's freezing. Who knew.

Titled in song: "Old McCourtney Has a Farm, E-I-E-I-O.  And on this Farm She has the most ridiculously adorable tiny widdle animals like piggies and moo-cows and then we went to 'Boo at the Zoo' the end."

And Finally Ladies and Gentleman, I give you..."The Eight Times Multiplier"

* This one's for you, Kel. Thanks for kicking my booty- MUAH!  

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