Thursday, April 8, 2010

Updates of the offspring variety

So, I know.  it's been a while but whatever.  I'm over it- blogging takes time and time is a luxury I haven't been willing to pay for...yet. 
Anyway- here I am, armed with video- of babies. 

So there was this:

and I was all "Holy Crap- the kid is walking- quick knock him down..."
But then... NOTHING. He never did it again. Or he did it again once or twice but
then decided that was enough and he'd checked the box, so whatever. No walking.  
At ALL! And despite my hair pulling and constant berating, no signs of being any 
closer to walking than that-MORE THAN A MONTH AGO!

But wait!
What's that you say!?!
Surely he must be close!?!
Nah. Not a step-
OH- But today he decided he will do this:

For hours...

You wanna know what else goes on for hours around here:

If you asked me to make a list of the top three things that unequivocally equal parenting fail in my book- 
I'm fairly certain this would rank right between ax-murderer and Ke$ha

Double Awesome!
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