Friday, July 24, 2009

In case you were MISTAKENLY under the impression that I am anything less than the world's biggest dork:

I'll say it up front: I don't get out much.  (And, I mean that in about as many ways as it can be taken.)  It's not that I don't do stuff- I do alot of stuff, like dishes and diapers and grocery shopping- it's just that when I get out of the house, it is with two babies in tow, and there is generally somewhere in the vicinity ZERO adult interaction.

So imagine my giddy-ness [see also: shreeky, jumping up-and-down-ness] at the events in my life that have occurred over the last week.
Enter Wayne and Garth with the flashback: "doo-dul-lee-doo"*

Scene: Last Thursday/Farmer's Market Park/Playground- As I approach the playground (eagerly scanning for potential victims, kindred spirits.... ummm... someone to talk to) I noticed a very  nice looking young mother of two, with a blanket spread out for her baby, engaging with her older son as he maneuvered the play structure.

Me: (moving more quickly, now eager to gain further intel on the subject. Should I duck behind a tree to don the camo gear, the black ninja suit, begin immediate wire tapping?  No, play this one cool- be normal.  JUST.ACT.NORMAL...)  (nonchalantly, with a smile) Hi, there."  (quick! look away!  Don't seem too interested!)
Her: "Hi."

Me: (minutes are passing- oh gawd, now what!?!... um... think, think.... oh yeah, she's got kids- me too!... that's something in common!...) "How old's this little cutie?"
Her: "He's 6 months old today."

Me: (Squeeeeeeeee!!!  JUST LIKE CARTER!!  OMFG!...) Cooly: "Oh, my son is seven months old today.  How fun!"
Her: "..." (I don't actually remember what she said here because I was too busy making us BFF's, and marrying off my daughter to her oldest son, and wondering if she'd be the type to get all up in the planning of a wedding, coz "Bee-atch, that's the M.O.B.'s job!".... wait, what?!)

Conversation continued: It was awesome, She was awesome, I was, fully and dramatically, NOT awesome.  But, conversation continued to continue, despite my social ineptitude.  Names were exchanged... Cute quips about failed mommy groups were exchanged... life stories were exchanged.... And then-We.Exchanged.Phone.Numbers!**

Me:  (clutching my phone to my chest as if it all of a sudden contained a treasure map to the land of '' )  "It was really great to meet you, Awesome New BFF!"*** (oh my gawd, now what? When do I call?  Wait a week? Two days? Now? No.. I should probably not call her until I'm at least out of sight.... akkkk, the stress....) "See you later."
Her: "Bye, Courtney!" (she used my name, *sniff*)

This week I called her- we're going to have a play-date!  EEEeeeeekkkkk.... ****
*Extra points for having any idea to what I am referring... Double extra points if you can find a video clip - I could not.
** This is a seriously big deal- I mean, this is big-time mommy-friending action!  We're talking third base, people.  I was getting a little clammy... *blush*
***Names have been changed to protect the innocent
**** Dear Awesome New BFF***, If you are reading this- I am TOTALLY not one of those weird, mommy-stalking lame-o's that writes blog posts about virtual strangers.  nope. definitely not.  

As if all that wasn't enough awesome to fill up the whole summer (and it absolutely IS!), I was (in a totally unrelated twist of events) invited to a "Girl's Night!"
And I went!
And drank wine.
And talked about children, instead of to children.  And there were women there.  Smart, cool, 'popular-crowd'-type women who have jobs and kids and brains.  And we had conversations (containing many, many, FULL-sentences - none of which were interrupted by screaming babies with the sole mission of causing mommy-brain-melt!)
It was blissful.  I stayed out past my bedtime. And then drove myself home- IN THE DARK.  (Shut-up. It's all, you know, babies and daylight savings time, etc. ).  I'm pretty sure the invitation was a fluke- but I don't care.  It was wonderful- And now I bet they'll feel bad if they don't invite me again, so .... SCORE!!


Multiple personalities.. said...

Ok, that was just too much to read! Like you, I've embraced my inner dork with gusto..'cause I don't get out much either! Nice to meet you via SITS!

Come check out my'll find it looks familiar since we use the same template! he he! Great minds think alike!

Madison said...

I heart your blog! So I gave you an award =) Please come to to collect it.

Christen said...

Oh my goodness, this was hilarious!!! (I have totally gotten like that before when trying to make new friends at work.)

My favorite part? "I don't actually remember what she said here because I was too busy making us BFF's, and marrying off my daughter to her oldest son, and wondering if she'd be the type to get all up in the planning of a wedding, coz "Bee-atch, that's the MOB's job!".... wait, what?!" HA HA HA HA!!

Cid said...

Oh, I so know that feeling. My boys are older now but your post took me back to those dark days of waking up at 5am to feed or change someone and wondering in the dark if I would find another adult to talk to other than the lady ringing up my groceries. Happy SITS Sharefest or whatever its called.

Susan said...

I DONT have children and I'm equally dorky ;-) I think adults in general thrive for other adult friends and interaction outside of our husband, and it's just flat out hard sometimes to make adult friends, we all revert to our giggly middle school days :)

I always figured kids were a great way to resources to reach out and find new friends that you have something in common with. I guess not :)

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!!!!

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

Loved the post. i am right there with you. I may work out of the home, but being a kindergarten teacher does really get me much adult interaction.

Here's hoping that you have made a new friend.

stopping by from sits.

TheSingleGirl said...

you are cute and awesome and NOT a dork. i say this with certainty. why? because you sound like ME!

making new friends rocks my socks. i, like you, go into a 'they LIKE me, they REALLY LIIIKE ME!' frenzy and get all giddy and start picturing joint vacations/curtain shopping/sophisticated lunches.

happy weekend!

Missy said...

Found your blog through my friend Christen at La Vida Lista and you are hilarious! I'm a stay at home also and totally understood everything you were saying about not getting out much and meeting new people...especially other moms.
On a side note: I also totally knew the sound from Wayne's World and made the noise out loud as I read it (Wow...obviously a sign of a problem.)

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

just became a follower.

Stereos and Souffles said...

Cute blog! I don't have kids but I see how excited my friends get when they find another mother with kids they could have play groups with so I totally get it. Funny stuff!
Came by from SITS...your comment worked :-)

Dreamgirl said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your girl's night!

Just dropping by from SITS wishing you a Happy Wednesday and letting you know that I'm giving away a subscription to House Beautiful Magazine at

The Laughing Idiot said...

Found you through SITS - and I'm sure glad I did. You're too funny!

I love it when I'm accidentally asked to hang out with the cool kids. I try to hold the dorkdom in check and pray no one notices that I'm not really that cool and thus ask me to leave.

Rachel Rose said...

LOL - Courtney, I love you.

"And so our stories go..." said...

I'm a dork too...and proud of it.
Love your blog.

Karen said...

Such a well-written and funny post!

And I'm sure your new BFF thought you were just awesome and went home and blogged about how exciting it was to me you, too!

Visiting from SITS. Hope the play dates have continued and that you had a great Christmas!

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