Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day: The Sequel!

We're moving up in the world, folks...
You may remember the famed "Laundry Basket/Extension Cord Combo" from last year...
But, hold onto your hats...
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud going to unveil "Red Bucket and Old Rope" release date 01.30.10! Behold the Glory!

If this upward trend continues, we'll be pulling our 3rd and 4th graders around in golden chariots- wait, I mean sparkly unicorns will be pulling them....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

(BELATED) End of Year Recap-or- my resolution is to be more timely...

This was the celebratory "Made-it-through-the-holiday-madness" High Five!  and while I'm a little late expressing my exacerbation for/to/with/at the whole holiday season, I will willingly admit it's because it's taken me this long to recover.  But, ONWARD!

Topics to Cover (in a perfectly disjointed manner, befitting the outstanding quality of this blog):

1.  The 25 Days of quite procrastinating and effing blog about it: Is over.  This idea=fail.  I really should know better.  One quiet day in November I sat down and said to myself "self, you are crap at updating your blog!" Then I replied to myself "WTF, I'm a little busy watching Days of Our Lives RAISING CHILDREN and whatever...." But then I say, "oh, I know, genius idea- I'll commit to blogging EVERY DAY- ya know, coz I'll probably just be bored all month, what with the entertaining, and family and birthdays and Christmas and all..."  Did I mention GENIUS!?!  Anyway, I think I squeaked out 12 posts before completely giving up a week before Christmas.  niiiiiceee. 

2.  Christmas: Was quite lovely.  Busy (as we managed to conduct at least 3 separate family functions within the confines of the day) but really very very nice.

3.  New years: Looked like this.

 And Jammies. And snoring by 12:15 (which, by standards set in previous years, is AWESOME- coz at least we saw the ball drop (and some very inappropriate drunken kissing, by what I can only imagine were complete strangers) this year.

3. Obligatory New Year's Resolution Recap:

Last Year's Resolutions:

  1. Show my husband and children love, patience and respect even when it's hard.
  2. Keep on top of the household chores (clean as you go? what??)
  3. Grow as a person, and stuff.
  4. Call family members on the  phone instead of assuming they've read the blog and/or checked Picasa.
  5. Get over the Thing With The Phone.
  6. Read at least one book that does not contain the words "Baby" or "Whisperer" or any combination of Baby & Whisperer in the title.
  7. Write more Thank-You Notes
  8. Go an entire year without peeing on a pregnancy test or even THINKING about peeing on a pregnancy test.

The Ugly Truth:
  1. I gave this one an honest effort- but, Let us remember that, despite her age, my daughter has been "two" for the better part of this last year.  So yeah- define patience.
  2. ::snort:: moving right along...
  3. ummm...
  4. I think I tried this once too- but I believe the phone calls were actually to tell the family to check the blog or picasa.
  5. Didn't happen- though I am much better at responding to email via the phone- points for effort?
  6. Read many this year- actually really enjoyed a few as well!  So what if they were all vampire teen trash...
  7.  And I've still got the Christmas stack to mail.
  8. Killed IT!!  This is one resolution that I ROCKED!!  WOOT WOOT! I love ending on a high note!

Stay tuned for this year's resolutions and The List....
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