Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Ohhhhhh... Mother's day...

What a wonderful, luxurious, heaven-sent day.

Breakfast in bed, flowers and cards, Champagne,

PJ's till noon, naps and purple velvet cake- 

   the two little creatures that ate all my cake gave me my title aren't half bad either!  

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

Having once been a teacher, I have to say, teaching is a rewarding, EXHAUSTING, heartwarming, and (OMG did I mention) EXHAUSTING job!  I mean, the part of you that is filled-up daily by delicately shaping the lives of future generations, can quickly be depleted again by the parents! effort it takes to keep up the requisite sing-song-y, sweet, smiling affect whilst coercing THE.LEARNING for hours on end.
In honor of every saintly individual- standing tall in front of the chalk-board 180 days a year, wiping noses (and bottoms) of children that they did NOT spawn, fighting the cesspool of mutant super germs passed on by little fingers, and maneuvering the land-mines of IEP meetings, parent conferences and field trips- I say thank you.  And by that I mean; 

Steal this idea: Ceramic buckets with chalkboard detail from Michael's, concept and book-mark template from Modern Parents Messy Kids, cookie-pops and sprinkles from the loving fingers of a happy student.
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