Saturday, November 22, 2008

Of Stepping and Kicking...

I think I may have mentioned last month about this time that our little bug took her first steps. Well, it did not take her long to master the art. She is truly, truly walking now. Back and fourth- to and fro- around in circles.... endlessly. It is so amazing to watch her figure out that she has the Independence to get where ever she wants to go- without our help. She, of course, still has the 'arms-in-the-air-I-need-my-balance-monkey-walk-thing' going, but boy is it adorable. And while I completely understand that every child hits this milestone at some point or another- I can't help but feel overwhelmingly proud of her. She's such a big girl now :)
Here's a sample from a couple weeks ago:

Meanwhile, in the womb... It seems our littlest one has mastered the art of break dancing. Or at least that's what it feels like, what with all the spinning, flipping and random poking-jabbiness. He really feels strong and healthy. I can't wait to meet these little elbows and knees- though with only a few weeks left, I know it won't be long.


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