Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Thousand Words Thursday.... "Brace-Face" Edition


1. If you've known me forever, the caption on this photo reads:
"Ahh HAAA! Who's the babysitter now, bee-atch!"

2. If you met me within the last 18 months, the caption reads
"I'd like to introduce you to the all new, metal-free Courtney 3.0"

3. And If we've never officially met, the caption on this photo reads
"All is right with the world. Nothing to see here. Move along. "

Cheaper Than Therapy


Christen said...

Ha ha ha! :) Too funny!

You look like one happy girl! (I'm guessing this was taken before going out on a date night?)

Courtney D said...

Christen- if by "date night" you mean an evening of excitement filled with chores and sick babies... then YES! Just before "date night"!

Courtney D said...

...And right after I got my braces taken off! yippee!

tiffkin said...

oh man, that was fast! you look great! totally worth it!

One Sassy Girl said...

Well done! If you got braces as an adult, I commend you. It's well worth the trouble, as your smile proves!

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