Friday, October 31, 2008


It should be said that ravenous, polyester-clad little people running about the neighborhood accepting candy for the favor of not covering your house in cheap single-ply toilet paper is not really all I hoped my little baby would grow up to be- but that said, I'm no scrooge (or the Halloween equivalent of) so, Of course, we dressed the baby up. *For real this year, not just the orange and white striped onsie that one gets away with on the first Halloween, but an actual outfit that actually resembles something other than a 13mth old little person. To be fair, I should state up-front that I had no part in the costume buying process- all credit goes to Grams. If left up to me, I'm sure I would have come up with something extra creative... like, a 13mth old little person in an orange and white striped onsie, or ... OR maybe a 13mth old little girl who was on her way to bed dressed in her finest footed pj's (though that one might have required a little more effort and likely wouldn't have happened). So, our little girl was a little can-can dancing lady-bug... that looks a little something like this...

There was no actual trick-or-treating involved this year, as- well, let's face it, -she's got 6 teeth and I've had more than my fair share of the kiddo's candy for one year* (*I buy candy each year for the trick-r-treaters that NEVER show = I buy candy each year for... ME) But we did at least make it out of the house... We went to the last farmer's market of the season and saw all the other little ghouls and goblins (more accurately, all the other little spidermen and princesses) on parade. And later 'over the river and through the woods to great-grandmother's house' we went.

Lots of fun and yet, no cavities to speak of... we'll see how many years we can keep this up.


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