Monday, October 6, 2008

My Big Girl Turns ONE!

It's official- my baby is a big kid! Sophia turned the big O-N-E on Thursday, and had her first birthday party Saturday.

Thursday was a great day- we eased into the day with the normal activities: diapers, breakfast, playtime and the like. Then Grams stopped by to see her grand baby for the first time in a MONTH (she's been in FL helping out Elaine). We opened the presents Grams sent and, of course, Sophia found the ribbons and wrapping far more enjoyable than any of the contents found within :) After her second nap, Aunt Denise stopped by to give Sophia some birthday hugs and gifts, and her very first big balloon- she was hot and cold on that one :)

Daddy came home early from work and took his girls out for a birthday dinner. Sophia got to order her very first entree (ALL FOR HERSELF) and the meal was great. We of course showered our birthday girl with millions of birthday smooches and snuggles, and before we knew it- the day was over. AND, I didn't shed a tear * you have my permission to be impressed :)

On Saturday we held the big B-DAY BASH! The hoards came from near and far to celebrate this most memorable milestone, and yes, there was cake!

Sofie was such a trooper- She woke up from her nap to 20 excited faces in her living room all vying for her attention- and she worked the room! Smooches for the little boys, hugs and snuggles for the great-grandparents and smiles for each and every camera! There was dining, schmoozing and then it was time for the main event- Her first taste of cake and ice cream. Turns out she likes cake and ice cream! It was truly an awesome event- and the turn-out serves to prove just how many people Sophia has in her life that love, love, love her.

*update: We knew Saturday night would be a rough one- between the sheer over-stimulation and the sugar content of fare we expected an all nighter... And we were right- but for all the wrong reasons :) Sofie got the symptoms of her first cold late Saturday night and felt the effects through Tuesday. Poor thing. Though, I wonder if I can somehow use this to my advantage... "Sofie, remember what happened last time you got gifts and ate sweets...."


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