Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

First, I have to say I had no idea how to get started in the whole "blogosphere" craze-but thanks to good friends, Adam and Kelly, and their amazing baby update blog, I have been both schooled and inspired. *Thanks Adam and Kelly (and Evan!)

So I guess this is the official 'Sophia Demers update/baby deuce countdown/all the stuff I gotta say/Demers Family blogspot' but for the sake of reducing the risk of carpal-tunnel syndrome, we'll call it 'The Demers Family Blog.' *you're welcome.On the Sofie Update front- OH MY GOD SHE'S TURNING ONE IN A MATTER OF WEEKS!! I absolutely can NOT believe that it's been a year since this little girl popped into our world. Every mother in the universe will warn you that it "goes so fast" but seriously- IT GOES SOO FAST! This once 8lb, bundle of squirming pink-ness is now a 20lb, four toothed, toddling streak of adorable(ness). Perhaps it's beginning to hit me that our little girl is growing up because a)we just moved her into her 'big-girl room' b)I left her standing by the ottoman yesterday and when I turned around she was following me into the kitchen (via the couch, side-table and daddy-made cart)and/or c)SHE'S TURNING ONE IN A MATTER OF WEEKS!! In any case... I've got a birthday party to plan :)

Baby-Deuce Update: I'm 26 weeks (for the layman; 6 1/2 month) pregnant. That equals 12 weeks (3 months) of life as we now know it. Baby 2 is, of late, making his presence known with all kinds of movement including; double round-house side kicks, reverse 3 1/2's, and solid left hooks to the gut (generally at or around 3 am) *Seems mommy watched a bit too much of the Olympics this year. But it is nice to know that he's in there and happy(?) feisty(?) seriously pissed-off(?). And the name debate continues... BOY NAMES ARE HARD! Somehow I assumed this process would go as smoothly as it did with Sophia. I was wrong. Here are a few of the names that have not made the cut: Archiebald, Codwaller, Horace, & Perceval. As a matter of fact, we're getting VERY adept at finding names we DON'T like. It's the good ones (that aren't already taken) that seem so elusive. Suggestions not required- that just seems to make it harder... plus then we'll feel bad when we inevitably don't pick the suggested name.

Demers Family Update: Everyone here is truly happy and healthy. Patton's been working like a crazy person getting Sophia's 'Big-Girl Room' ready and has already moved on to re-painting the nursery. He's such a good sport. Not many men would paint the ceiling of an already minuscule room a dark blue because "honey, I really want to see if it looks good..." Luckily, it looks good :) And did I mention that I'm planning a birthday party (because: OH MY GOD SHE'S TURNING ONE IN A MATTER OF WEEKS!!) So, I've been baking 'practice cakes' coz truly I have nothing better to do with my time -or- it's not much longer that I'll have the luxury of indulging in such ridiculous behavior -or- I secretly wish I was Donna Reed (and Betty Crocker). Other than that, I'm just growing a baby & waiting for the holiday freight train to decend upon us.


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