Tuesday, December 1, 2009

25 Days of Quit Procrastinating and Effing Blog About It -or- how to effectively OVERuse the strikethrough button

::whispers::  bloggies, can you read me?  come in, over??
i don't have much time- my position has been invaded by miniature head-hunters (with fistfulls of cheerios), compromised- but this message is important...
cool, noteworthy, Some sh*t is going on in this undisclosed location.  My mission, as I choose to accept it, is as follows: Observe and (and here's the kicker) report said cool sh*t on a daily, regular basis...
I know, right?!?! Ridiculous notion, especially for someone as notoriously terrible about this whole blogging thing as I- but none-the-less a goal I'm willing to half-ass my way through, give the good old college try*, really really work toward.
I figure that by stating it here, I'll hold myself a little more accountable to you my dear readers, reader, mom.

So, on to it-
  • There was a Dead, Stuffed Bird in my House Thanksgiving. It was good.  I will no longer bitch about the pants that weren't fitting, as this is no longer an issue in my life- thank you very much, second, third, 5th helping of stuffing.
  • Unrelated- what's your overall opinion of SPANX??  Just asking, you know, for no reason  in particular.
  • Fun Fact:  I really like setting the table.  Here, look at it.
  • My children have really been pressuring me, begging me, totally disinterested in my sudden motivation to CELEBRATE THE HOLIDAY SEASON!  COUNTDOWN THE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!  ENJOY THE MAGIC OF THIS PARTICULAR TIME OF YEAR!... er, whatever.
  • Here's the advent calendar I lovingly made for them, (who am I kidding!?!) ME!

My plan to keep this mostly daily posting thing going is to entertain, inspire, bore you to tears with the details of our daily advent activities.  You're welcome!  ...and see you tomorrow!

*Remind me to tell you about my patented definition of the "college try" (spoiler: it looks a whole lot more like trying a lot of colleges than trying hard in college)  But that is a story for another day (and lord knows there are plenty of them coming up!)

alright, you guys, you.  over and out!


tiffkin said...

i'm reading! i'm reading! that's a lot of christmas-y socks! :):)

Courtney D said...

Thanks Tiffany!! And hey- if you're ever in need of a terrible pair (or 12!) of holiday socks- you know I'm your girl!

Denise said...

glad to see you blogging again - you are a very clever and witty blogger! I read in anticipation - no wonder you won an award. And, of course, it's so nice to hear and see the things you're doing with the kiddles!

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