Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Because Sleds are overrated -OR- No One Buys a Sled in March

A real snow day- Finally!  Not that I care much for the cold, or the precip, or winter for that matter, but I am always at least a little happy when it snows.  And this year for the obvious reasons... baby + snow = ADORABLE! 
Sofs seemed mesmerized all morning by the abundance of white stuff outside (much more so this time than on her first SNOW DAY, but more than likely that's because she had a better idea of just how AWESOME snow days can be)! 
I'll spare you the details and just post the video, but first, 2 words:  LAUNDRY. BASKET.*

*and also, electrical cord... because you're not truly a hillbilly until you stuff your kid in a laundry basket and drag her through the snow with an extension cord... yee haw!


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