Friday, April 1, 2011

Your Resident Fool

Oh my gawd, you guys.!  

I mean Seriously, hysterical.

Because I can totally April Fool's the SHIT out of my kids*.  (At the ages of 2 and 3).
And because that's not really eggs I served them- And because they think I am the funniest human being on the planet**

*In case you're wondering- yes, actually, I did have kids specifically to satisfy my need to be a complete and utter tool surrounding***

**save for maybe that guy in the Statue of Liberty costume on the corner this morning, and possibly also the dude at the gym who can't put his arms down.

***See you tomorrow with a detailed re-cap of Sophia's half birthday (yeah, you heard me!)


Christen said...

What are the eggs made out of? Love that you celebrate half birthdays! My husband keeps joking that he wants to celebrate... get this... his thirty-third AND A THIRD birthday because he says it's a third of a way to a 100. What a weirdo!

Courtney D said...

Christen, the eggs are vanilla yogurt and apricot halves! And I totally think You guys should celebrate a 33 1/3 b-day! That's an awesome milestone!

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