Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh, yeah... the OTHER one

I'm feeling a bit guilty.  In looking back over my last few posts (say like a WHOLE MONTHS WORTH) I realized that I'm all "Look at mama's girl, Look at mama's special widdle girl,"  "Isn't SHE so cute,"  "Don't we all just want to talk about Sofie ALL DAY LONG!!" with very little mention of mama's baby boy. It's slightly nauseating.  And, honestly, it's about as "fair and balanced" around here as a FOX NEWS program.  
BUT, here's the deal.  Turns out that being 17-months old is a WHOLE LOT more note worthy than being 3 months old.  I mean, really- with Kid One running, and playing in the snow, and diaper hiding and what-not.  And Kid Two sleeping, and blinking and shrieking with gas pain; it's hard to equally represent my children on this here blog.  But, in fairness to the boy (and those of you who do happen to recall that day last December when I birthed a wholly separate small child), here's the update.
In a few days, Carter will be 3 months old.  I know it doesn't sound like much, but this is a huge milestone.  One that I am clawing toward with every ounce of patience, pragmatism and mind-over-matter that my body can muster. let me digress for a moment...
This little boy is amazing.  All blue-eyed and squishy cheeked and nom-nommy kneed- he is a heart-breaker.  And aside from the obvious superior cuteness- he is doing all the adorable little things that keep (most?) parents from eating their young.  For example, he's got a smile that is  simply heart-melting and a coo that distracts me from every.single.other thing in the world.  The other great news:  He is an awesome sleeper.  Since 6 weeks, he's been sleeping a least 6 hours, and in the last few weeks has snoozed happily from 8p to 6a (with only a dream feed at 11p to tide him over).  He's taking great daytime naps and is adorable and alert when awake.  
Perfect, right!?!  Well, only mostly perfect.  Lest you think I lay golden eggs (they do hatch from eggs, right?) or sit around all day basking in the glow of perfect, angelic babies who poo rainbows and sunshine-here's where the karmic balance and the three month thing comes in...
In a word: babygas.
I may be very close to my wits end on the topic of infant gas pain.  I know it's normal.  I know it will pass (pun.yes.).  But, DEAR GOD!  It is unreasonable, and a huge cosmic FAIL , that a being who subsists entirely on one singular substance would have such a remarkably hard time processing said substance.  And I understand gas.  I realize that it is uncomfortable and sometimes a little bit sting-y.  I know that babies can in no way be held at fault.   But the screeching and the wailing and the absolute pitifulness of it all is... well, unbearable for us all.  
I have read (in what I'm sure is a very scientific study written by 'the internet', or quite possibly 'them') that at or around the three month mark, a baby's digestive system finally gets it's lazy ass up off the couch and joins the rest of the work force.  And, I'm told that it was at exactly three months that Sofs finally eased up on the 'round the clock methane production (though if it was as bad for her as it is for Carter- I have serious mom'nesia for the event).  So I'm holding out hope that in another week or so this gas thing will be mostly behind (yes. again with the pun) us.  And just in case this whole matter does not miraculously clear itself up by Monday, words of encouragement and/or home grown remedies would look nice in the comments section :)
I am so in love with this little guy-  He totally makes my every day. But, the baby gas? NOT. SO. MUCH.
(in my best 'Gump-ian' accent:)  And that's all I have to say about that.  

So here, pictures of the boy that will make us all forget about... um, what was I grumbling about .... 


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