Monday, March 9, 2009

simple math Q: toddler+running+downhill+concrete=


..the first major marring of an otherwise adorable face.  

It seems that along with a taste of the spring to come, the outside world is also sporting a whole new kind of gravity.  Sofs was outside, enjoying the new weather and freedom, for no more than 10 min before the 'head meets walk-way incident of 2009' ensued.  I believe there was some "running" involved, and  a downward grade, and most importantly a serious lack of baby breaks, but mostly it must have been a sudden attack of vicious, vicious gravity.  
It seems like a huge cosmic fail to give such a giant, fragile, bonk-able noggin to something so epic-ly uncoordinated and wobbly.  But, for as loud as the "thwack", and for as ghastly as the remaining bruise, Sofie seemed remarkably tough about the whole thing.  Of course there was screaming, and tears and hysterics (and Sofie was upset too :) ) but, she was reenacting the scenario (head whipping against the couch, all the while laughing maniacally) in under 5 minutes.  She is such a trooper.  
No residual side effects of the the head bump... save for maybe more head bumping.  Perhaps it's because I was paying particular attention (or maybe the slight swelling caused her head to grow to even larger proportions-thus getting EVEN MORE in the way) but the rest of the weekend her head met EVERY. SINGLE. SHARP POINTY OBJECT in the house.  And as I was reaching for the baby tylenol right before bedtime, she leaned down to get the binky and BASHED the other side of her forehead.  TRAGIC. 
But she's fine.  In that toddler kind of way.


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