Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A few of my faves.

I am not so much a "product reviewer" but, just for today, I thought I'd list of few of my favorite things... all are baby related, but I love each of the following...intensely...

Quite possibly the best decision I ever made- for the environment and for my babies bums!  I am, recently, even more appreciative- as we switched over to disposables during our recent bout with 'the sickness' and had to deal with the subsequent diaper rash that is associated with paper diapers.  BumGenius are not only eco-friendly, and easy on the hineys... they are also SUPER-ADORABLE!!  

Best.Book.EVER!  This was recommended to me by a close friend with amazing children and I have since passed it on to every one I know in the "knocked-up" department.  I love the middle-of-the-road philosophies and time tested strategies for getting babies on a solid routine of eating and sleeping.  If you have babies (or will have babies) READ IT!  SIX TIMES!  

Boy, oh boy!  This website is DANGEROUSLY ADORABLE!!  I love it all... no, I NEED it all!  The toys and furniture KILL ME!  Okay, I'll stop screaming about it and let you check it out for yourself... I mean it, Go CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF!

Another amazing toy/gear website.  This one boasts European and American made toys of the "not so toxic for your pres-shus little baby" variety.  Awesome... and can I just say I LOVE Habba's doll collection

Super adorable clothing for the little ones!  This is a prime example of a manufacturer that gets how cute boy clothing can be.  If only I could afford closets and closets full ....

For a proper foray into product reviews and all things awesome for mamas and babies- cool mom picks is the absolute best.  I love the way they conveniently gather amazing tid bits from all over the web and deliver them daily to my  reader.  Many a cool find can be credited to these lovely ladies. .. Also, they produce incredible gift guides (for holidays and showers etc) and offer giveaways and drawings almost daily!  Sweet!

There. Now you have all my secrets... this message will self destruct in 10 seconds


Ashley said...

CMP is one of the best sites around, for sure!!!

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