Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's a Girl! Part Three!

Because she is a Girl and has super Girl-like tendencies, a little girl time was in order. So, in the sprit of "back to school" fever (or is it fervor?) a plan was concocted to take Sophia out for her first girls day.  There would be shopping and snacking and time completely devoid of any pesky little "bothers!"  We met Aunt Nisey at the biggest mall in all the land and shared a scone and chocolate milk before completely devouring the book store.  It was then onto the clothes shopping of it all, and let me tell you- the girl knows what she likes.*  We spent a bit of time in the playyard and then had a great lunch- It was a really lovely time and the girl is set for the season.  We should all have a wardrobe like my three year old!

*Tangent- Have I told you the one about the matching?  No, well...  Sof has a thing about "matching."  She will often tell her daddy when his yard clothes are not matching- for instance last weekend when he came down in his bright blue paint shorts and a deep red tee-shirt.  I happen to find this little habit of her's quite amusing, especially since I have yet to be the butt of her criticisim.  But I was ever so slightly (SUPER!) embarrassed the other day at the park when a young lad of about eight years galloped into the play yard dressed in blue and black.  You can imagine the hue of my face as Sofie shouts "Mama!, Why that boy's clothes don't match!?" Yikes!... a monster we have created.


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