Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hometown Fall Festival

Horray! for Fall Festivals! on 95 degree days!  There's something about the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, the back to school fever, and the crisp mornings that just makes me want to get all snuggly inside my sweater and read a good book.  But since I live in the real world, I instead don a tank top, slap on some sunscreen and take the kids on the sweatest hayride of all time.  Don't get me wrong- the smell of ponies at high noon is something to behold- it was the retrieval of straw from places I will refrain from mentioning that left me feeling a bit lackluster.  But enough about me- the kids freekin' dug it!
I give you "Fall Festival- The Awesome!"

Big-Ass Firetrucks= Awesome

Big-Ass Firefighters=a.little.scary.omg.maybe.also.a.little.awesome.idunno.

Hayride=SuperAwesome with a side of "why so bumpy, mama!?!"

*Forgive the horrendous picture- Hay + Hot + It is the only one of seven that even hints at the fact that we were on a ride. of hay. 

Pony Ride= The Awesomest!!!

Not being allowed to jump around in the sticky, germ ridden, petri-dish that is the bounce house= Not So Awesome! But, kids, you'll thank me next week when you don't have the plague- you're welcome very much.


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