Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The first day

I have no words.

Except to say: "Wait! WHAT!!
 It seems like I've been waiting a long time for this day.  And still somehow I was unprepared for my tiny little baby to walk into a strange building full of stage people and disappear into a sea of strange children without so much as a goodbye.

Obligatory "Mamarattzi shot"

I cannot tell you who was more worried leaving Sophia alone; but my guess is that it was Carter.  He called for her hourly, "woh-woh?".

From what I can gather, The first day had something to do with a book about bunnies, a bumped chin on the playground, standing in line (YEA!) behind someone (BOO!), and PAINTING! OMG! and hand-washing. Oh, and gram crackers. She Rocked It! The End.


tiffanie said...

so stinkin' cute! what school is she going to? LOVE the uniform! :)

Courtney D said...

Thanks, Tiff! She's at Accotink Academy (the pre-school) on Rolling. She's pretty stoked about the uniform too!

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