Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bah Hum(Stomach)Bug....

In an effort to thwart any and all holiday related fun-having, we came down with a nasty stomach bug last week.  It started with Carter on Monday and worked it's way through Sophia and Pat- before circling back around to the kids for round two.  Wheeeeee.  That was fun absolutely disgusting!*
Anyway, we managed little more than to squeak out a few advent-ish crafts and read (ad nauseum**) our stash of Christmas books.  But stay tuned, we have some fun outings/activities coming up!

*Dear Santa, I'd like to request an update for my Christmas list to include: a replenished supply of Clorox, an incinerator to "take care of" the "soiled" sheets and towels, and possibly that thing where certain memories can be permanently erased from one's conscious- there are just somethings a lady never needs to see again.  Thanks, C

**Pun totally intended.


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