Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The lights are brighly shining

This whole advent thing really does it for me.  (Don't worry- I'm seeking therapy) I just love having a plan, engaging the kids, and sharing these lovely moments of budding tradition.  

The other day we took a few moments to learn about St Nicholas and to tell some really cute stories about the kindness he showed those in need.  I also found this little nugget, which is interesting, if nothing else.  Of course the kids were psyched to leave their shoes out for St Nick, in hopes that he might stop by with a little treat.   He did, of course and both Carter and Sophia were delighted to find an orange (for health) in their sneakers.  So delighted, in fact, that Sophia neglected to check her other shoe and went hours before finding that the jolly old guy also left two coin (for wealth) and a bit of chocolate (for happiness:).  I couldn't get to the camera fast enough, so the blurry chocolate smear on Sophia's chin is our only documentation of St Nick's visit...

We also got our tree up,
 (did you notice our little buddy "Noodle" up there on the tree- that dude rocks!)

and semi-decorated....

I say "Semi" decorated because I have big plans...

...but I also have a sick kid, so we'll see how far I get on that one! 

photo credit: Martha


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