Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All things big and round...

So we all remember the frightening display that was my belly on the last go round. I am, to this day, haunted by the hushed murmuring of "...ohhh, twins, RIGHT!?!", or "... how many weeks past due are you?" all before I was even 7 months pregnant. So, Okay, I was freek-ish with the torpedo shaped, poke-your-eye-out belly. But really, it wasn't that bad right? Let's refresh our memories shall we... This was Sofie about 24 hours before birth:

Okay, yikes that was a little...ummmm... scary. But how about now? With out the previa complication I must be significantly smaller, right? Hmmmm.....

What a difference an inch makes. Somehow this time around no one is quite as worried that I will spontaneously explode, or my favorite metaphor: "POP" at any moment. Perhaps I'm just a little more adept at carrying around my girth this time- or maybe that inch really does make a world of difference. Either way, damn that's a lot of baby in there!

Here's the update: Baby two is all set to arrive shortly after noon, next Tuesday. Um, NEXT TUESDAY- which is technically really REALLY soon. To add the scientific terms- wow-wow-wowzer! 7 days, we are no longer talking weeks here, people- just days! Also- based on all kinds of uber-scientific doctor measurements and equations and stuff- Our OB seems to think this baby will be at, or around, the 8 lb mark- just like Sofie. Since the c-section is already scheduled, I am taking this as very good news- the bigger the baby, the better they eat/sleep/stand up to the flailing limbs of an older sister.

So, I think I am beginning to see why second children always seem to get the shaft. This poor child is not even born yet and somehow he already gets the "eh, he'll be fine" brush-off. "Prepare for the new baby?? Us, noooo.... eh, he'll be fine." With Sofie, I was on top of every single pregnancy detail- two or three weekly updates, subscriptions to all the 'what-not-to-do/eat/think/come with in a square mile of'-newsletters, I could rattle off exactly what this little growing baby was up to at each moment of each day ("today she's growing eyelashes, honey). And Now!?! Not so much. Some one asked me, not long ago, how far along I was and my best response was "Um.... I'm due in December" but eh, he'll be fine.
I do, however, know two things: 1. this time around we're having a boy (in a mere 7 days- did I mention that?)- which dramatically changes the game, and 2. once you have a second kid- all the rules change. I already love this little guy more than I ever could have imagined- it just seems to look a little different this time. I know that he may not get quite as many uninterrupted hours wide-eyed adoration from mommy, or months and months of nothing but constant attention- but maybe that's a good thing. I just can't wait to see how this all works out- and yet I know that it will. I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm really starting to get excited.... and it's a good thing coz there's really only 7 days of coherant thought left before all hell breaks loose!

BTW: this blog post by Amalah is by far the most encouraging thing I've come across throughout my entire pregnancy- In a world full of people who seem to want to make sure I am acutely aware of just how hard having 2 babies is... this is a sweet baby-breath of fresh air. http://www.amalah.com/amalah/2008/12/the-angel-in-the-details.html


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