Saturday, December 27, 2008

kinda makes me wanna do a little jig....

... I'm pretty sure that I'm on some kind of post-partum. hormone-induced, emotional-lovey-lovey- baby-high.  That said, I'm willing to divulge the following confidential information:  toilet paper commercials featuring either puppies or bare baby bottoms (& heaven forbid, BOTH) in addition to any small act of kindness or expression of love, is, at this time, enough to turn me into a mushy puddle of tear-filled mess.  
And, as if xerox advertisements and tiny little baby socks aren't enough to sabotage my good intentions to get up and actually rinse the dishes- there's this

It would be ridiculous to assume that anyone who is more than 2 weeks post-baby would tear up quite like I did- But I do hope you appreciate the "we're all one people" message.  And also- can you please pass the tissues... *sniff :)


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