Monday, December 29, 2008

A really great day....

All kinds of excitement today... all baby related, of course! The quick update goes a little something like this.

Sofie has decided that using a fork to feed herself is quite possibly the AWESOMEST thing EVER!
She spent most of dinner tonight giggling at her new found skill and showing off for daddy!

Carter had his very first bath today- and much to my surprise- actually seemed okay with the whole thing. I was convinced (based on his complete disdane for diaper changes and clothes changes and changes of any kind) that he would, hmmmm... what's the expression.... FREAK OUT! But, No. Quite the opposite. He was a very happy relaxed little guy. and adorable, did I mention adorable?

And here's the big one: BOTH of my babies were simultaneously, and at the same time, in the mood to snuggle- without protest! And because you certainly wouldn't believe me otherwise, here's the proof.

OH, happy day!


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