Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Week One... Check.

Well, we've made it a whole week with two (count 'em, T-W-O) children and have maintained at least most of our sanity. Don't quote me, (I have PLENTY of time to change my position on this one...) But, I think this whole family of four thing might just work out :)
Carter is endlessly amazing. For a little thing that mostly just eats, poops and sleeps- it's remarkable how awesome he is. He's adapting quite nicely to life outside the womb and is even finding himself in a comfortable 2 hour routine. Patton and I are both getting a reasonable amount of sleep and spirits are registering high.
Sophia is (as always) the most incredible child in all of world. She's being an angel, maintaining her fabulous schedule and is quickly showing what a fantastic big sister she is and will continue to be! She's completely concerned about her little brother and gets excited each time he makes a little gurgle or squeak. Sofie even doles out kisses before naps and when Carter starts to cry.
If I'm being completely honest, I spent the last few months preparing myself for the worst. I was truly worried that having our babies so close together would be, on some level, just too hard. Again, I reserve the right to rescind the following statement at anytime, but, Not only does the current situation seem manageable, I really kinda dig it!
happy mommy. check.


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