Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas Story

What a wonderful day. What a busy, busy, wonderful day.
I may have mentioned that I'm on a super post-baby high- but in case I didn't: I'm on a super, post-baby high! Add to that a huge helping of family and a dash of the good-old-fashioned Christmas spirit and what do you have?... One seriously happy, greatful, and slightly weepy mommy full of love and warm fuzzies.
We had such a perfect Christmas- we had the opportunity to spend a little time participating in holiday traditions from both sides and (most importantly) to spend time together as a family of four!
The day actually started (for me) the night before... We dressed our babies in their new Christmas Jammies and Pat read the 'Night Before Christmas' before putting our big girl down for the night. Carter was very cooperative as well, and sans the normal "IT'S TWO AM, WAKE-UP AND FEED ME" moment, it was a peaceful and almost silent night :)
We woke in morning to find that Santa had stopped by to fill stockings and took the opportunity to peek inside. Sofie found a few little treats that she actually enjoyed more than the stocking itself and spent a fair amount of time pursuing the new books and playing with a new puppet. Before their first naps, the kids (OMG- the "KIDS") opened a few presents and what a sight that was. I knew not to expect much in the way of excitement or any actual tearing into of gifts- but boy was it cute to see Sof's get all caught up in ribbon and little bits of paper, all the while completely ignoring the totally awesome music set I was giddy to see her play with. *UPDATE: she's gotten over the ribbon and has engaged with the music set- thank you very much.
After nap #1, We bundled up and headed over the river and through the woods to Grams' house, where Santa apparently made an extra long stop! We had a wonderful time with Grams, Gramps and Uncle Lucas and, boy, did we score some serious loot! We also spent some time with the Greatgrands having the traditional McConnell family Christmas breakfast. yum.
After nap #2, we re-bundled up and headed over to Aunt Denise's for the Demers Family Christmas. It was a lovely evening. Denise, Diane, Karen and her kids as well as Angela, Abby, Mark and his kids were all present.
Dinner w as delicious and it was wonderful to spend the evening with the family.
The most poignant part of the day for me was in the details and in the emergence of our f amily's little traditions. Again, as a lady all hopped up on baby-lovey-dovey hormones, it was easily the most beautiful of all holidays to date. Joy to the world, and all that jazz.


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