Monday, January 26, 2009

Mid-Winter Time Warp

Maybe you were wondering, "what happened to the Demers'?" or perhaps, "hmmm... no, one returned my call- I wonder how things are going over there."  or even,"where's my friggin' thank-you note, already!?!"  Here's my cleverly crafted* response to the above...  in bulleted format:

  • came down with a killer cold and has managed to break the world record for it's duration- poor guy
  • despite being miserable, has been my hero and taken baby-duty on more than a few occasions 
  • is the most awesome
  • has gotten a molar (or two- but, I'm not going in to check!) 
  • is no longer willing to accept assistance  in feeding herself.... all by herself- all the time
  • is saying real words (as in, using her voice!): "kouck-kouck" (cookie), "ba-ba-bat" (bath),  "jouuch" (juice), "go-go-go" (go, go, go!) 
  • gives adorable pursed-lip kisses and hugs with arms around your neck! 
  • has circled back to check-off the milestones she altogether skipped (i.e. learning to sit herself up from laying down, standing unassisted from a seated position, pulling herself up in her crib, crawling and bending down to pick objects up from the floor). woo-hoo! 
  • came down with a crappy cold that has green stuff oozing from her nose 100% of the time
  • turned into a real-live toddler, complete with strong opinions and the occasional temper-tantrum (due most often to not being able to reach/lift/cary something cumbersome- like the book called "DOG"  that we've read 897,394,596,511 times... this week)
  • developed an intense obsession with this touch & feel book called "DOG"
  • has added the sign for please to the end of every request (SO CUTE!) to which it is impossible to say 'no'.
  • tells us when she's ready for a nap or bed by showing us the sign for 'sleepy' and heading directly for the stairs
  • has attempted to share with her little brother her binky (straight into his left eye), a very large and FULL bottle of cow's milk (right atop his tiny head) a varitey of cookies (generally in or about the mouth area), a pair of her daddy's shoes (again, atop his little head) and few very sharp and pointy wooden blocks (yep. also, too, the head)... she's so sweet 
  • is freakin' huge (12 lbs or so at present)
  • can withstand just about anything his big sister chooses to "share" with him- including the icky cold complete with oozing nose.
  • is starting to take interest in things other than the ceiling fan
  • may have attempted his first(not related to gas type) smile, but, really- it's anyone's guess.
  • has hit the 'six-week-peak' which is not nearly as fun as it might sound, what with it's rhyming-name and definitive innuendo.  
  • is on a 3 hour/3 day cycle (2 hours sleeping to 1 hour eating/playing; 2 days of being a perfect baby to one day of gassy, gassy fussing)
  • is quite possibly the gassiest little person on the face of the planet
  • has had us running in circles trying to figure out if he is 'lactose intolerant', 'dairy sensitive' or just abnormally vocal about 'normal' baby gas
  • will without reservation take any one of three different styles of binky, the breast, a bottle, milk, or formula... thus making him the most easy-going (and AWESOME) baby ever!
  • has grown out of just about every article of clothing in the 0-3 month range.  
  • is the newest love of my life
I am:
  • the only one in the house who isn't infectious at the moment 
  • learning to type, cook, channel-surf and use the bathroom one handed, lest one or both of my children be left to their own devices for more than 17 seconds.
  • waaaaay behind on the general up keep of this house, a little stressed-out and VERY sleepy....
  • happier than I ever could have imagined!

*Perhaps 'cleverly-crafted' was a bit of a stretch... but maybe you'll let it slide just this once?  And you'll get that thank-you note- come hell or high-water, or mid-april.


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