Tuesday, January 13, 2009

things... and stuff.

So, two things:
Thing one:  Carter is 4 whole weeks old today!  It is absolutely mind-blowing that it's been four weeks since this amazing creature came into our lives.  Somehow, I'm not exactly sure where 4 weeks has gone-and simultaneously-I can't believe he's only been part of our family for a mere 28 days!  KA-RAZY! 
Well- In these last four weeks Carter has morphed innumerable times... He's still mostly an eating/pooping/sleeping machine, But it seems that he's becoming increasingly more adept at all three of his fabulous characteristics!  And, it's been amazing to watch him become increasingly more alert.  His periods of wakefulness are getting longer by the day and he (like his big sister some 14 months ago) seems remarkably focused.  He has an on-going love affair with the ceiling fan, the sunlight through the plantation shutters and (just recently) the singing/blinking baby-crack-addiction that is the Baby Einstein play mat Star.  For me, the love affair is all about these new shared moments of sweet coos and eye-contact.  It's incredible to watch those gorgeous blue eyes take it all in :)  
Thing two:  I would like to have a stern talk with whomever decided it was okay for my tiny-widdle-baby-girl to go ahead and grow up into a walking, talking, singing, feeding herself and heading-up-to-bed-all-on-her-own KID!  I'm pretty sure that last month I had a baby and now all of a sudden I've got a seriously big-girl.  In all honesty, it's pretty awesome to step back and watch Sof's do for herself, but I'm worried to sleep in or take too long in the shower for fear that when I emerge- she'll be a teenager. I do really love the hugs (with arms all the way around my neck) and kisses that don't involve wide-open mouths and/or tongues so I guess I'll let the growing-up thing slide. just this once.


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