Friday, January 9, 2009

Please pass the Christmas Ham...

At my 36 week OB check-up, my doctor announced that based on my "fundal measurements" [READ: belly size] Carter should be born at or around the 8 pound mark.  Seemed like a reasonable estimation given Sofie's birth weight of  8lb, 2 oz.  Well- he was a full half pound PLUS smaller at birth. But, I'm starting to think that rather than letting that get him down, our little guy has viewed it as a challenge.  
Most babies, after birth spend about a week loosing weight and then start to slowly gain it back at the rate of about an ounce a day.  "Most babies" born on 12/16 at Carter's birth weight would weigh about 8 lb, 6 oz today.  
Since I'm taking the time to post about the weight issue, I bet you guessed Carter does NOT weigh 8 lb, 6 oz... and you guessed right.  So, let's see how our tiny little baby has chosen to interpret the issue of 'one ounce per day.'  Carter weighed 7 lbs, 8 oz at birth.  By the time we left the hospital he was down to 7 lbs, 1 oz.  but by his two week appt he was an astounding 8 lb, 1 oz (for a gain of 16 oz in 11 days).  But wait! Here's where it gets good... Today our little butterball weighed in at (prepare yourselves-) 9 lbs, 12 oz!! (yeah- you did the math right, it IS 43 oz in 21 days!) GOOD GOD- What am I feeding this kid!?!?  I mean, other than the pureed cheesecake and pizza that I've been sneaking into his bottles, I can't imagine how this little guy is packing away the pounds.  Holy Ham Hocks, Batman!
For reference (and out of curiosity) I just checked Sofie's stats:  At birth- 8lb, 2 oz.  At 2 weeks- 8lb, 13 oz (11 oz in 14 days) at one month- 10lb, 1 oz (31 oz in 28 days).   Carter is kicking baby-Sofie's puny ass!  
mmmmm..... nom nom nom... mini-linebacker:

Also, in case you're wondering how Hurricane Sophia is doing; she's currently registering as a Category 5 Toddler.  She made landfall over the great room this morning at 10:42 am and left the following destruction in her wake:  

Authorities are still searching for survivors :)  


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