Monday, January 5, 2009

Officially Out-Numbered

Today is my first day of mothering two children- ON MY OWN.  Patton went back to work today after a truly amazing THREE WEEKS home.  It was incredible having him here.  Not only did he whip this place into shape, but he was stay-at-home-dad-extrodinaire!  I was sad to see him go this morning but a little excited to get back to life as usual (+1) -or- to see how I'd do without him.Well, I am happy to report that, so far, all is going exactly as I had hoped.  As a matter of fact, (I'm bragging here, so prepare yourselves...) Not only are both babies fed and napped, we are (ALL THREE) dressed and ready for the day.  In addition to all that-  I've even managed to sneak in a FULL-HOUR of down time, as both kiddo's napped -at the same time!  
It remains to be seen how the second half of the day goes- but, I'm encouraged.  And that goes a long way!  

Update on the Kids:
  Carter is, how to say this...., a VERY GOOD EATER.  His is gaining weight at an alarming rate and seems much more a hearty baby than a fragile newborn.  At his two week check up (last week) he was well up over his birth weight and looking good!  For the last few days his has adopted a perfect little 3 hour routine and is both sleeping well and happy when awake. amazing.
  And Sofie. She is my personal hero-  Never-mind that we totally pulled the rug out from under her- what with the arrival of her little brother, the holidays and Dada being home for 3 weeks. Never-mind that, we think, her molars are coming in.  She is just as happy and content as ever. Flawless in her routine- Sleeping great, playing independently and eating like a champ- She is simply awesome.    
So, Here.  Pictures.  Of  awesome babies.


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