Friday, January 30, 2009

shhhhh.... the baby's sleeping

First things, first.  Before reading another word of this post, it is imperative that you lean in close (I'm going to whisper), cross all appendages, and find some wood upon which to knock....
I have hesitated to even think the following for fear of jinxing all the wonderment and fantastic-ness... but, I believe it may be more than mere coincidence at this point- Carter has (every night since Monday) slept at least 5 consecutive hours!  And last night- A full 6 hour stretch, from 11:30p to 5:30am.  BIG HUGE SIGH!!!  
But wait, there's more!  Apparently, the better a baby sleeps at night, the better he sleeps during the day, and the happier he is overall.  Another benefit: the better a baby sleeps at night, the better his  mommy sleeps and the happier she is overall!  Amazing!  I cannot even begin to describe how luxurious 6 hours of sleep feels (especially when compared to the two hour chunks of nights prior)!  So, yeah.  Things is good.  In the dreamy kind of way :)  


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