Monday, February 16, 2009

Back to Normal

It's been a really big week... It really seems like things happen in large spurts around here.  Like what, you ask?  Well, I'll tell you:
Carter is now a full 2 months old and full of gorgeous, gummy
 smiles and sweet baby sounds (which I pined for with Sophia, and
 never got!) that make my heart flutter.  He's sleeping between 6-7 1/2 hours straight through the night and taking
 three luscious naps during the day.  But, the little thing that takes the cake is the hour and a half (give or take) that he lays contentedly on the ottoman, studying the ceiling fan and catching the movements and noises of those around him- and then, when a face he recognizes pops into his periphery- bang! a big. fat. smile!  It's the bright spot of my day, and it keeps me coming back for more!  

And then Sofie.  I can't even keep up with all the awesome that makes up this little girl.  She's picking up new signs all the time and using them in such a way that it seems impossible  not to oblige (mostly because she's learned to add "please" to the end of every request!).  She passionately begs for "book" and "help" and "outside" and of course, "cookie!" 
And, ohhh, the outside!  With the perfectly mild weather of late, Sofie has discovered the great outdoors.  Pat put the swing back up, and it's all I can do to keep this kid inside.  She loves the back and forth and the in and out of it all.  It's also amazing to watch her discover nature- grass and leaves and rocks are all fascinating in a way that I can't quite comprehend- but, boy I love to see it all through her sparkly blues!  
And then there are the amazing new things that she suddenly seems to come up  with.  Today, for example, she apparently wanted to check on her little brother so she came into the great room, found and then dragged the step-stool over to the pack-n-play to climb up and peek inside.  It was so deliberate that I almost fell over laughing.  And this weekend, while we were upstairs getting dressed for the day, Sofie told me she was "sleepy"- I informed her that she couldn't possibly be, considering it was only 9:30a, and she insisted by toddling over to her crib and patting the mattress. When I, again, suggested that she probably wasn't really tired, she grabbed her pacifier, popped it in her mouth and pointed to the crib.  I conceded and laid her in bed at which point she covered herself with her blanket and waved "night-night" to me, turned her head and promptly took a two hour  nap.  *Please take a moment to imagine me, mouth agape, brow furrowed and shoulders shrugged, as I'm being  dismissed by the baby; Ridiculous.  I really love how she's able to communicate with us in such a meaningful way.... though, I can no longer blame ignorance for not complying with her requests- Enter tantrums, stage left.

In overall, family news: it seems that things are finally settling down in a way that is conducive to getting things* done.  (*Things like showers, grocery shopping, visiting and laundry- all the stuff that was on the back-burner for the past two months)  Everyone is feeling healthy and well rested.  The babies are predicitable and generally very contented.  And The past two weeks have really felt 'normal.'  And, it's been nice.  I like it.  


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