Thursday, February 26, 2009

Her BIG 3-0!!

My very best friend on the whole entire planet just hit a major milestone in her life... She turned 30!  To celebrate this momentous occasion, she and 14 of her closest girlfriends blew-off the entire male species, and spent Valentine's Day (yes, she's a Valentines baby- complete with heart shaped birthmark, or so the legend goes...) in real style.  We took over a fantastic wine shop in the heart of Lisa's neighborhood, and brought a little bit of Paris to a girl who's never been.  The atmosphere was perfect.  Wine bottles flanked an oversized farm table adorned with candles, flowers and, of course, Eiffel tower figurines.  We were even able to work with the Chef to create a delicious (and local!) 4 course dinner.  Every detail was attended to, and the evening was beautiful.  Here are a few of the pictures from the night:
Note the charming wine displays and the beautifully adorned table.

This is a sample of the place setting.

All 15 of us after enjoying the delicious meal.

The party planners with Lisa in the center.

If ever you have an excuse to throw a wine themed dinner party (or a dinner party of any kind!), I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Planet Wine.  It was a truly lovely evening!


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