Monday, February 23, 2009

A quick post about baby heads....

Of course, baby heads are all round and squishy and perfectly ripe for smooching.  Of course, baby heads smell all sweet&delicious, and have that awesome fuzzy hair that tickles your nose.  And of course, baby heads are seriously pissing me off lately!  Don't mis-read, I love my babies and their adorable little faces, the puffy little cheeks and what-not.... but the baby heads are on notice.
Here's what I'm up against: 
It's the scalp mostly.  Cradle-cap more specifically.  And horrible thin wispy baby hair.  I mean what's a mom to do?
So, I've been battling the daemon called cradle-cap for a full 16 months.  This nasty, scaly, fungus-of-the-head, that is persistent as all get out.  Trying to be a good, and natural, mom, I patiently waited for it to pack it's bags and get the hell out of dodge, but it wouldn't.  I started slathering Sof's poor head in oils of all sorts, but to no avail.  I even pulled out the baby dandruff shampoos, in hopes of not needing to use the horrible, chemical-ladened cradle-cap remover, but again, it wouldn't budge.  Finally, last week I broke down and doused her head in toxic "Gentle Natural Cradle Cap Care" (natural my ass- where, exactly, does one find 'Tocopheryl Acetate" in nature) and just like that the cap has been removed.  I'm, a little bit, kicking myself for waiting so long to use this junk, but boy am I relieved to see it go.  
And, just as I really found the groove in my victory dance- guess what... it's not gone at all.... the cradle-cap just switched kids.  So now, I've got ANOTHER tiny-widdle, fragile, baby with disgusting scaly lizard head.  ARRGgggggg... and the new dilemma, Do I just suck it up and get rid of the stuff, or do I give Carter the same natural treatments I gave Sofie until he's older and I'm more sick of this stuff!?!  yuck.
Anyway, the other baby-head issue is an even harder one.  There's no toxic potion to cure crappy thin hair.  My poor little girl has the worst hair ever.  I'm still holding out hope that it will, one day, just magically turn into the georgeous flowing locks that I dreamed she'd have- but that seems like the utter definition of a long shot. Maybe now that the cradle-crap (... I mean 'cap') is gone her scalp can breathe, and the hair follicles will come to life... or maybe not. 
Oh well, I guess she needed some mortal trait :)


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