Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Mouth-full.

It has finally happened.  After almost 8 weeks of  grimacing and blank-stares, the little man finally gave in and cracked a smile... and a crooked one at that!  It is way cuter than the gas faces that passed (pardon the pun) for happy faces in the early weeks, and this smile emerges almost (dare I say it?) frequently! 
It's as if he's saying, behind those eyes, "Helllooooooo, Milk-
Machine..."  Coz, more milk is just what this chunk needs, right!?!
In other news, Sofie now has 3 molars!  She's been amazing about the whole process.  I have heard  horror stories of the nightmare that is cutting new teeth (especially these huge back ones!); but other than a little crankiness- Sof's has been a super-trooper!  We're looking forward to all the new foods this milestone brings!

And life around here has reached some semblance of predictability and with it, calm.  We hit the peak of gassiness/fussiness/"I absolutely will NOT sleep for more than 2 hours!" at around the 5-6 week mark.  And then, on the day before Carter's 6 week b-day, he got happy. and slept.  alot.   Since then, the sleeping has been in long stretches, and at predictable times and has made for some very happy Demers.   We're even managing to get out of the house a little these days! Meanwhile, Sofie is in the process of dropping her morning nap, which has allowed us time to explore new ways of playing together.  We've been venturing outside (thank you very much snow-days and unseasonably mild days) and having full-fledged rock-out hours (iTunes and Maracas included) as well as exploring the world of mama's art supply box!  So much fun!  
Anyway- it's taken 2 months, but I feel like we're starting back towards normal.  woo-hoo!

And also this-  Perhaps I was remiss in not purchasing this adorable new dad set for Patton when Sophia was born... Seems we missed a few of the more subtle lessons in parenting :)

*I wonder if it's too late to get her the tee-shirt...


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