Monday, December 14, 2009

1 is One...

Days 12-14 of the 25 Days (shut up, I was busy!)

I can tell this is going to be a crap post, mostly because I've been procrastinating it in a fashion befitting a LIT 201 midterm.
The weekend was great- it was the boy's birthday party, but somehow I can't get all snarky and excited about recounting it for you- except,  Ooooh.... I know!

PHOTO MONTAGE!  (niiiiiicccceee..... )
With out further ado- I give you:

The kid was a champ- He knew exactly what to do with the guests, the cake, and the gifts- OH, The GIFTS! It was a perfect little occasion enveloped in love.
Endless thanks to all of wonderful friends and family who joined us for this amazing milestone!


Christen said...

Wow, he is absolutely adorable! :) Love that impressive cake!

tiffkin said...

lovely pictures!! happy birthday, carter!

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