Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oooooh. This is going to be tough.

Day two of the 25 days and I'm already at a loss.
So, here. Three quick stories:

1.  Today I willfully and violently threw my 26 month old daughter in the face every child labor law ever enacted.  But listen, she's been freeloading for over two years now, and seriously, there are just things that need doing around here.  She kept whining every time I made her push the wheelbarrow, so I had her hand carry wood from the shed to the house.  It was going along swimmingly, until she tripped and smooshed her finger.  I'll set the scene:
back yard, pre-rain; <45 degrees F:
Sofie: "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! BUhu, buhuuuuh, buuhuuuuh...."
Me: What now you whiney little baby  "Oh, Honey- what happened??!?"
Sofie:  "Mama... yofie. smooshed. finger. that one." *sniff *sniff*
Me: Aaaaand what exactly would you like me to do about it  "Oooooh, sweetie, shall I kiss it and make it better?"
Sofie: "Yeaah-huh. Mama. Kiss. Yofie. Finger.  Riiighttheeeerre."  (fyi- "right there" is ALWAYS one word- it's stupidly cute)
Me: "MUAAAAH!  Now, back to work" ::pat's bottom:: "that wood's not going to stack itself."

1b.  Then I made her string the tree with lights.  BTW-I highly recommend children to anyone feeling overwhelmed by tedious house chores.  They are magical.  And by magical, I mean next to worthless- but sometimes they say cute stuff... so, there's that.

2.  Carter exhibited a new skill today- it's one of those milestones that, as a parent, you know will set the stage for his whole life to come.
...yea, clink it buddy.  Invaluable life skills, I'm telling you.

3.  I have finally made the big league, you guys!  This blog (and this humble writer) are going ALL.THE.WAY!
...well, actually, some of the way? maybe?
I just got my first solicitation from a company asking that I plug their product on this here little blog.   I'm sure they think that all 4 of you that actually read this thing would be WAY interested in their product.  But, because I totally respect your integrity, and also because I may want to use this as fodder for a post when I run out of VERY EXCITING things to tell you down the road, I'm saving the details for later... maybe.

There.  Day 2. CHECK.


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