Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ketchup, No. Catsup, No. Catch-up. There it is...

I have totally slacked off this last week with the posting.  So, here you will find my lame-ass attempt to turn my homework in late for reduced credit, play catch up by compiling 5 days worth of stuff into one disjointed post.

Days 15-20 of the 25 days: I promise, it's almost over!

So, where did I leave off- ah, yes.  The boy's birthday party.  It was wonderful. I still have not gotten around to the thank you notes (they're on the list, I swear!) but, it was lovely.  Then came the craziest of all crazy weeks- it went a little something like this:

Day 15: Recovered from the birthday party (and all it's assorted madness) and then finished up (RIGHT!- I think the force of that lie just caused a blood vessel in my head to explode!) my Christmas shopping.  That right there, Christmas shopping, is ridiculous!  Seriously.  Why do we do this to ourselves- every.year.  You think that as a species, we'd evolve.  erggg.  (that's right- you'll find me out- tomorrow- finishing up (!@$#@$) the Christmas shopping.  In the 85 feet of snow that was dumped over my house this weekend. for fun.)

Day 16: Carter's real birthday.  Part of the reason for my severe procrastination in blogging this week was due to the overwhelmingly sentimental post that I *wanted* to dedicate to my boy on his very first birthday.   I spent the better part of two days, dreaming up eloquent prose* that would serve to excuse (at least a little bit of) my regular, snarky jabs toward my youngest.  Instead, I made the hubbs take us out to dinner.  And I ate like it was MY birthday- because, well because I made him, and that counts!

*Turns out that I'm even worse at 'eloquent prose' than I am at all this other babble, so, yeah. didn't happen.  SHOCKER!

Day 17:  Hold on to your panties, ladies.  On Day 17, mama had herself a date night.  Now, before you go getting all excited about Patton and I hitting the town- I should tell you, upfront, he was not invited.  This date night was all about the "Awesome new BFF" and I getting out, sans babies and hitting the town (and hit it we did!  matter-of-fact: we smacked that town square in her pretty little face!).  We've known each other now SIX MONTHS (I know, and she keeps coming around- poor thing!) and this was our first opportunity to speak both in full sentences and without spelling out the naughty words.  Oh, and wine....and gin and tonics (mee too!)...but we do that at all our play-dates- It's a two drink minimum around here!
I digress-  We went out, ate some great food, divulged all our dirty little secrets, and NOT ONCE did we talk about the babies.  We just took mommy-dating to a whole new level.

Day 18: I nursed the first hangover I've had in, what feels like, years.  Then I rallied for yet another company holiday party.  "yea."-said in complete and utter monotone. But this one, much like the last one, was far better than I could have anticipated.  Wanna know why?  Gonna tell you- we won stuff at this one too!  Someone needs to send us lotto tickets or something- we are on FIRE lately!  Seriously- this is just too shitty to even say.... in the company raffle, Patton and I won a Wii.  I know, right?!?!  We really are not this lucky. ever.
(Totally unrelated side-note: I feakin' love Wii boxing!)* Re.Diculous.

*Dear FCC, I was not paid for this endorsement.  No part of Nintendo or their overpriced gaming company has compensated me in anyway.  In fact, 48 hours ago- I would have laughed in the face of anyone accusing me of paying $50 for a video game.  Tomorrow, however is a TOTALLY different story.  Sincerely, C.

Day 19:  The sky fell in -or- Welcome to the Snowpocalypse -or- snOMG 2009!
Here in the greater DC metro area, the magical machine in the sky that keeps all order and balance in the world broke.  alot.  and it snowed.  a-really-freakin-lot.
We already had snow once this month, and around here, that pretty much does it for the month of December, but nooooooooooo...
Now, I'm not generally a narcissist, but in this case I'm gonna go ahead and state that the 18 feet inches (seriously, not an exaggeration) of life halting precipitation that was dumped on my house this weekend is due entirely to the fact that I'm hosting Christmas meals for two families in 5 days and have shopped for neither gift nor food for either.
But on the bright side, there was this:

and this:

and these guys:

And, really- what more do you need!?!

Day 20: In case you're keeping track, Day 20 looked exactly like the pictures above (mostly because the pictures used in describing Day 19's Snow-a-poloza were actually taken today. on Day 20.  The end.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

You had a busy weekend. Love the snow pictures!

Happy SITS Monday!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Stopping by from SITS!

Your post-- particularly, your new BFF part-- got me thinking about all the new friends I've met post-baby. We have never gotten together "sans baby" as you put it, and I wonder what we'd find to talk about!!!


Masala Chica said...

Carter is adorable! He he. You said hold onto your panties. too funny. That's the kind of thing that used to make me giggle on the floor laughing, but now I am MUCH MUCH more mature.

Thanks for stopping by and I'm a follower. Love your layout!

Kimberly said...

Looks like you had a long one.

Hope things come together soon.

Have a Great Christmas! I hope you enjoy all the fun of the season with your family.

Quasi Serendipita said...

Great pictures! Visiting from SITS to say happy Christmas :)

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