Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cocoa Picnic

Day 10 of the "25 days of quit procrastinating and effing blog about it" extravaganza

Disclaimer: It's Christmas time.  And around here that means I get to pump my kids full of all kinds of ridiculous junk that I would otherwise avoid like the plague.  I mean, really- I'm the one that hangs out with them from the time they wake up until the moment i can no longer tolerate the whining they go to bed, so I make an effort to keep the crap food in check.  Seriously, the last thing I need in my day is a two year old all cracked out on sugar dough and hot chocolate...
That said, welcome to
The Demers Family Annual Sugar Dough and Cocoa Picnic!*
Complete with SUGAR! and Dough! and CHOCOLATE in all varieties!

*Because, secretly, I hate calm well behaved children that sleep through the night

A few notes on the above picture:

  1. That is NOT a plate of meatballs despite it's meat-ball-ish-ness appearance, it is instead a very poor representation of Monkey Balls Bread
  2. Please note the distressed look of longing on my poor son's face- he really, REALLY wants the meatballs
  3. Sofie on the other hand really, REALLY wants to dig the soggy marshmallows out of her cocoa.  Which makes me totally want to curl up into the fetal position and rock myself...
  4. Yes, the animals are wearing scarves.  Shut up.


Erin said...

I am SERIOUSLY laughing out loud. In fact, my husband just looked up from his plate of christmas cookies and said, "What's so funny?" Found you from SITS and I feel like you have read my mind.

Merry Christmas!!

PS - I love the scarves on the animals. Nice touch!

Anonymous said...

Just stopping through from SITS...

That picture is adorable! I just snorted really loud when I read "monkey balls".

And there is no shame in putting scarves on the animals.

Have a great weekend!

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